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Inspection of products is performed based on a technical acceptance criteria, usually by an API Specification or ASTM International Standard, ASME, NRF among others. We can assist you from inspecting the steelmaking or raw material processes as well as during the process of manufacture of your product throughout all stages, or at specific stages of fabrication, to packing and shipping your product to its destination.

Contracts with your suppliers may consider specific provisions not only technical but administrative ones that are important to the quality and delivery time of your products. We can support checking, confirming and documenting if your requirements are met by your providers.


  • • Inspection on site to ensure that suppliers as well as subcontractors comply with the requirements specified in the technical acceptance criteria.
  • • Manufacturing Process Inspection
  • • Final Inspection
  • • Prior to shipment Inspection
  • • Process Qualification
  • • Procedures and Methods Qualification
  • • Personnel Qualification
  • • Equipment Qualification
  • • Inspection and Qualification of elements used in the Drill Rig according to requirements in API RP 7G-2.
  • • Maintenance inspection and Repairing of the Drilling and Well Servicing Structures according to requirements API RP- 4G.
  • • Inspection and Evaluation of Shop / Field Welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids API series 12
  • • Inspection and evaluation of suppliers for HFW pipe, seamless and helical pipe according to API 5L as well as suppliers for casing and tubing according to API 5CT.
  • • Evaluation and Qualification of suppliers for raw material and components of valves API 6A, API 6D, API 594, API 599, API 600, API 602, API 603, API 608, API 609.
  • • Inspection and evaluation to suppliers for structural steel pipe according to API 2B
  • • Inspection of Closed Die Forgings Process according to API 20C
  • • Evaluation to suppliers of Alloy and Steel Bolting, Screws and Nuts according to API 20E
  • • Inspection and Evaluation for more than 50 API product technical specifications.