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Herick Lopez is a Senior Auditor for the American Petroleum Institute, carrying out audit processes in all continents worldwide. He is a full voting member on Subcommittee 18 for the American Petroleum Institute. He served in task group 02, which was responsible for writing API Specification Q1 9th ed. Mr. Lopez also participated in the beta assessments to develop the audit protocol on API Q2.

Our BQS Auditors perform technical audits against product specifications, performance criteria, management system, contract requirements and other customer’s acceptance criteria.

As a Master Trainer, Mr Lopez trains trainers on API Specification Q1, API Specification Q2, as well as API Lead Auditor training for the Accredited API-U program.

Mr. Lopez served in the International team at ISO /PC 302, responsible for writing the latest version of ISO 19011 (Auditing Management Systems Guide). He also participated in the US TAG 302.

In the age of exploration and production in Deep Waters in the Gulf of Mexico, Mr. Lopez and our BQS auditors serve in the Center of Offshore Safety performing COS Assessments.

BQS Inc is exclusively an auditing organization. No consulting company is related to us. Please report any person or entity claiming a relationship to BQS Inc to the following e-mail.

We pledge our commitment to a technical, reliable and unbiased audit/assessment process of an organization to the report owner.


Trusted Oil and Gas Global Trainer

Company specialized in services for the oilfield sector. We have provided audits for more than 20 years in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and countries in all continents.

Our global headquarters are located in The Woodlands TX. USA.

We have a team of professionals specialized in API Standards and Regulations.

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Our training is open-house training and we take it to your region. Please consult our website for updated information, e-mail us, or call us.

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Our learning center supports our training service accessibility by programming several sites in different cities where our customers are located throughout the American Continent, offering competitive market prices. Therefore it provides our customers the advantage of eliminating or minimize the cost added for travelling of the participants.

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The instructor is a member of Task Group 02 of Subcommittee 18 of the American Petroleum Institute commissioned to write API Specification Q1 concerning the 9th edition of Management Systems for Petroleum Equipment Manufacturers

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